The picture-perfect landscape of Jezersko changes with the seasons, thus offering a colourful range of options for active leisure activities or meditation in nature anytime you visit. Find the activity that suits you best. Find your inner self.

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2–2.5 hrs

Get in touch with your inner self and your senses. Take part in a guided forest-bathing session, practice mindfulness and relieve the stress caused by the modern lifestyle.

VIP Dozivetje Sprehod po stari Ljubljani Listing

Take a walk through the lively cobblestone streets of Ljubljana's Old Town, which combines the charm of a small capital and the confidence of large European cities. The best way to feel the charm of the city is to walk across is picturesque bridges and visit the outdoor fruit and vegetable market.

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In the Jezersko area, cross-country skiing has a long-established tradition. Give it a go and fall in love with this fabulous wintertime activity guided by a professional cross-country ski instructor.

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2 hours

Have some wintertime fun on a sled! Go down the snow-covered hills of Jezersko and experience the joys of snow accompanied by a VIP instructor.