Pick your own peak to conquer and head towards the most beautiful views the Valley of Jezersko has to offer accompanied by a seasoned mountain guide.

Jezersko at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanks with a wealth of mountaineering adventured is the first Slovenian place included in the international network of mountaineering villages.

In addition to all sorts of fun hiking and mountaineering adventures, it offers a wide variety of climbing tours both in the summer and winter. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose from various easy, difficult and very difficult options.

* We recommend a tour with an early morning departure so you can watch the sunrise in the mountains.

Duration: 2–4 hrs, half a day or full day

Complexity: * middle: Virnikov Grintovec (1654 m), Goli vrh (1787 m), Pristovški Storžič (1759 m) * difficult: Češka koča (1542 m), Kranjska koča (1700 m), Jezersko sedlo (1928 m) * very difficult: Kočna (2475 m), Grintovec (2558 m), Skuta (2532 m), Dolgi Hrbet (2473 m)

Includes: climbing equipment if necessary, an experienced mountain guide, tea or juice and a snack.


A reservation is required – at least 7 days in advance. We reserve the right to cancel the trip in the event of bad weather.




2 person, half a day:
*middle: Virnikov Grintovec, Goli vrh, Pristovški Storžič: € 135.00/person
*difficult: Češka koča, Kranjska koča prek lovske poti: € 195.00/person
*very difficult: Kranjska koča na Ledinah čez Slovensko pot: € 225.00/person

2 persons, full day:
*difficult: Jezersko sedlo (ledenik) preko lovske poti: € 250.00/person
*very difficult: Kočna, Grintovec, Skuta, Dolgi Hrbet: € 345.00/person