A place where time slows down

Vila Planinka is situated in the picturesque village of Jezersko in Slovenia. The valley, once filled with a glacial lake, today boasts some extraordinary natural wonders and a healing climate. Here, you will step into a world where time goes by at a different pace. Slowly, calmly and in harmony with nature.


We aim to maintain a healthy balance between modernity and tradition, between the luxury of nature and technology, between outside and inner worlds. We know how important nature is and treat it with utmost respect. We place immense importance on a close connection to nature, which is reflected in the design of all our rooms. The lines between individual parts of Vila Planinka's open-plan common area are blurred, inviting guests to hang out and enjoy a friendly ambience. The staff's friendliness and natural ease is complemented by the warmth and scent of wood, which is the predominant material in all the rooms.

Our philosophy

A Balance of Energies

Vila Planinka boasts a special kind of energy. Centuries ago, the locals discovered four energy points with a soothing and therapeutic effect in the villa's backyard. Here, you will feel a natural energy paired with the power of centuries-old forests and clear streams, all of which will have a beneficial effect on your well-being. You will slow down, harmonising your rhythm with your inner balance.

An Abundance of Peace and Quiet

The luxuriously furnished rooms feature no electronic devices or connections that could disturb the guests' natural state of the mind. Wi-Fi is available only in the lobby, while in the rooms it is only set up if you ask for it. The rooms are pleasant oases of peace, calm, rest and relaxation. Each room has a unique character with a local touch, boasting magnificent views of the nearby mountains and the valley. While staying at the villa, you can also enjoy our Finnish and infrared saunas.


Relax your mind and body

At the close of the day, spent discovering the hidden nooks of nature, enjoying the benefits of power points along the Vila, and observing nature in all its beauty, it is time to relax your mind and body. Our wellness centre is an extension of the nature that surrounds the hotel. Savour our Finnish or infrared saunas. Attend to your body, soak in the views of the forest beside the Vila, and let your thoughts be overwhelmed by nature’s calm.


At Vila Planinka, you can enjoy the finest cuisine based on locally-sourced organic ingredients. Our chefs swear by simple flavours, creating all sorts of delicious dishes.



The fragrant flowers make for an enchanting backdrop and the rich tree crowns accompanied by the gentle rustling of the leaves provide the body and the mind with complete relaxation. Step into the garden that embodies the philosophy of Vila Planinka. Without any artificial fertilisers, crop protection products or regular watering, the garden prospers in line with nature’s laws as it is the home of nothing but plants indigenous to the area of Jezersko. We had envisioned a garden, but found a paradise.

How to reach us

Vila Planinka is far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, it is, however, easy to get to. Jezersko is a mere 30-minute drive from Slovenia's main airport, the Ljubljana Airport.

Travel time to the nearby cities:

  • Ljubljana: 30 minutes
  • Graz: 2 hours
  • Vienna: 4 hours
  • Venice: 3 hours
  • Zagreb: 2.5 hours

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