Welcome to Our Show

Our chef turns simple local recipes handed down through generations into culinary masterpieces.


Our lovingly prepared dishes are based on the ingredients of local Slovenian origin, none of which are mass-produced.


The aroma of bread means you’ve reached home. Our master bakers prepare daily fresh homemade bread. Committed to sustainability, we only use organically grown grain, ground in a stone mill. We create with different types of flour, mostly wild yeast and plenty of love.

Tasting menus

We recommend that you choose one of the daily tasting menus prepared by our Chef using the freshest seasonal ingredients.


Four-course tasting menu ... € 56.00 
Four-course tasting vegan menu ... € 61.00 

Five-course tasting menu ...  € 67.00 
Five-course tasting vegan menu ...€ 73.00 

Seven-course tasting menu ... € 89.00 

The seven-course menu is prepared for a minimum of two people or larger parties of guests.
The menu needs to be ordered by 19:00 at the latest.

Act One


Steak tartare
Steak tartare, tomato jelly, sardine mayonnaise, brioche


Bear prosciutto
Bear prosciutto, hazelnut-oil cream, pear, cracker

Buttermilk soup
Buttermilk soup, fermented cucumbers, pistachio cream, poached trout

Foie gras
Foie gras terrine, milk-chamomile jelly, celery, carrot reduction

Sea bass
Marinated sea bass, tomato water, raspberry, raspberry vinegar



Act 2

Aged Tolminc cheese soup, chives, shallots, bacon

Agnolotti pasta filled with blood sausage, apple dashi,
mustard seeds, horseradish, walnuts

Cottage-cheese dumplings
Cottage-cheese dumplings, dried-porcini soup,
preserved orange peel, walnut oil


Act 3


Bacon-wrapped pork fillet, yeast soubise, blueberries with whey

Lamb chop, cauliflower purée, mint sauce, raw cauliflower

Freshwater fish fillet
Freshwater fish fillet, spätzle, bay leaf oil, salted almonds,
green-peppercorn sauce

Sea bass
Sea bass, roasted celery root, pollen, marsh samphire sabayon

Bear meat
Slow-cooked leg of bear, bread soufflé, cranberry,
spring onions

Chicken thigh, pickled wild garlic, soft polenta,
demi-glace with kaymak


Act 4


Macerated fennel, strawberry granita, sour-cream ice cream, pollen

Rhubarb compote, birch ice cream, juniper berry oil

Candied beetroots, orange oil, blackberry sorbet, yogurt


Menu & Prices in pdf

Vila Planinka’s Wine List reflects our respect for the Slovenian winemaking tradition and know-how, and therefore includes exclusively Slovenian wines. Have a look at the Wine List and check the finest wines from all wine-growing regions of Slovenia.

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