Gift Certificate

Why don't you surprise your loved ones with a personalised value voucher or a gift certificate to be used at Vila Planinka. You can choose between a voucher (and specify any amount you like) and a gift certificate for selected services.

Value Voucher

The thoughtfully-designed Vila Planinka value vouchers make for a wonderful gift as they provide recipients with an unforgettable experience of their choice. To make the surprise even more personal, we will include your best wishes or a personal message.

The voucher is redeemable for accommodation and any other services offered at Vila Planinka. Validity period: 1 year 

Gift Certificate

By giving your loved ones a Vila Planinka gift certificate, you gift them with an unforgettable experience in a boutique hotel in the midst of unspoiled nature. Choose the date of stay, the food & beverage services, activities and anything else from our special offers, and we will design the gift certificate according to your wishes, including a personal message, and provide the recipient with a first-class experience.

You can choose a specific date of stay, accommodation during the week (Sun–Thu) or at the weekend (Fri–Sun), as well food & beverage services and activities.
Validity period: 1 year

For stays between 23 December and 3 January, be sure to choose the exact dates. Breakfast is included in the price.

Payer's Details

Value vouchers and gift certificates are sent by email or by post within 5 working days from the day of payment (an express mail surcharge in the amount of € 20 is charged if you wish to receive the value voucher/gift certificate on the same day).

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