Everything you need to know about travelling to Slovenia

Our goal is to look after the health of all current and future Vila Planinka guests, as well as our suppliers and employees. However, health and a carefree holiday can only be ensured if all preventive COVID-19 measures are observed to the letter.

We are sure you are already doing this, but it's worth repeating...

… Please maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands before and after every meal and after coughing or sneezing.

… When coming inside Vila Planinka, please disinfect your hands with the provided hand sanitizers.

A carefree holiday

We are well aware of our responsibility in this regard, so let us take care of everything and enjoy a carefree holiday. Scrupulous hygiene is maintained in all Vila Planinka guest rooms and other areas. Each guest room is disinfected before the guests' arrival and after their departure. After guests leave the restaurant, each table and seat is properly cleaned and disinfected. And our kitchen is always hygienically flawless and spotless too. So all you have to do is enjoy the pleasant ambience and setting.

Contactless contact

When you get here, we will welcome you in much the same way as before. With a kind gesture and a smile. Even if the smile is hidden by a face mask, you will be able to feel it. What you can convey through the eyes is worth a thousand words.

Always a good time for a bit of a chat

All of us at Vila Planinka are perfectly healthy. However, to ensure the highest level of safety, we all wear face masks. Since wearing them doesn't stop us from saying a few kind words, we will always take the time to have a friendly chat and answer any questions you may have. 

At a safe distance, yet even closer and better than before

We follow the best practice recommendations, keeping a safe distance of 1.5 metres (5 ft). However, we are convinced that by adopting an individual approach and tailoring everything we have to offer to your individual wants and needs, we can get even better and closer to you.

Make yourself at home

While staying here, we want you to feel just as comfortable and relaxed as at home. Therefore, wearing face masks in Vila Planinka is not necessary. However, if you are going on a day trip or want to wear a face mask for personal reasons, you are welcome to bring one with you or ask for it at our reception.


A pleasant spa area with a view of unspoiled forests is available for your individual enjoyment. With prior notice, you can indulge in the sauna on your own for a perfect rest and relaxation. All members of our team maintain the highest hygiene standards at all times, ensuring 100% safe use of the spa.

The answer lies in nature

One of Vila Planinka's advantages is that it had no air conditioners that might spread around dangerous particles. However, the very best natural air conditioner – the Skuta glacier – ensures that all our guest rooms and other areas are extremely well, and above all naturally, ventilated. Ventilation will be taken care of by our staff, you are, however, welcome to join in. Simply open the window and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath or have respiratory problems, we kindly ask you to delay your visit. We believe your experience of Vila Planinka and Jezersko will be more enjoyable when you are healthy and feeling better. We'll be here for your whenever you come.

Your Vila Planinka Team