Have some wintertime fun on a sled! Go down the snow-covered hills of Jezersko and experience the joys of snow accompanied by a VIP instructor.

Sledding is one of the most enjoyable wintertime activities with a long-established tradition. Going down the almost 800-metre long toboggan track near the lake Planšarsko jezero will take you down memory lane, reminding you of the carefree childhood days and boost your endorphins. You can choose between daytime or popular nighttime sledding.

Duration: 2 hours

Complexity: low

Includes: a personal instructor, a sports sled, a headlamp (for nighttime sledding), transportation


An advance booking is required – at least 5 days in advance. The activity takes place on a snow-covered surface. We reserve the right to cancel the trip in the event of a bad weather forecast. 


On request