Slovenia is a land of authentic flavours. Embark on a fascinating journey through Slovenian regions to learn about the finest wines and artisanal liqueurs and cheeses.

Slovenia is a country that has love in its name. And since food and wine is the way to one's heart, we'd like to invite you to join sommelier Marko Koren on a tasting journey through Slovenian wine regions.

Through authentic wines and traditional Slovenian cuisine you will learn about the winemakers' and food growers'/producers' attitude and hard work, as well as learn how to eat and drink the presented treats in the right way.

* Wine Tasting: Food & Wine Pairing
The tasting includes the basics of wine culture and beginners’ food & wine pairing tips. While enjoying the selected traditional snacks from various Slovenian regions, you will get to taste seven different wine types: a sparkling wine, a fresh white wine, a matured white wine, an orange wine, a fresh red wine, a matured red wine and a sweet wine. You will also learn the basics of how to store, drink and serve wines.

Price: €69/person

* Wine Tasting: Slovenia – The Land of Fine Wine
The tasting offers a perfect opportunity to get to know most indigenous Slovenian wine varieties (pinela/rebula/zelen/zeleni silvanec or ranina), taste some special Slovenian wines (teran/cviček or an orange wine) and learn about three most representative Slovenian winemakers and their wines. You will get to taste as many as seven exceptional wines, including a sparkling wine and Blaufränkisch (Modra frankinja).

Price: €74/person

* Wine Tasting: The Orange Revolution
In the past few decades, Slovenian winemakers have revived the production of macerated white wines and thus revolutionised the world's wine scene. The tasting is a perfect opportunity to learn about the "orange boom", the main winemakers and their wines. Special attention will be devoted to biodynamic and vegan wines. The seven samples you will get to taste include indigenous wine varieties and the wines of some renowned Slovenian winemakers, such as Aci Urbajs, Šuman, Vina Bartol, as well as the Mlečnik, Gravner and Radikon wineries.

Price: €84/person

* Wine tasting: Biodynamic wines, the future of winemaking.
Learning from history is also the way to go when talking about winemaking and the way forward lies in biodynamic production as the most sustainable form of agriculture. The tasting will introduce you to the most prestigious Slovenian biodynamic wines, their history and philosophy of production. You will get to taste seven biodynamic wines and treat your palate to sensations from the western Goriška brda and Vipava valleys all the way to the eastern Štajersko winegrowing region.

Price: €74/person

* Sparkling Wine Tasting
Come and join us for a bubbly adventure. Taste a variety of Slovenian sparkling wines: method-classique sparkling wines, pétillant-naturel sparkling wines, dosage sparkling wines and organic sparkling wines. Our sommelier will tell you all about the way they are made, about different food pairings and about the best way to enjoy them.

Price: €65/Person

* Liqueur, Brady and Schnapps Tasting
The tasting includes seven samples of artisanal local liqueurs, brandies and schnappses, which are the result of the local tradition of distilling and herb foraging. The tasting will take you on an unforgettable journey through the local herbs, their lovely scents and health benefits.

Price: €55/person 

Duration: 1–2 hours

Complexity: no prior knowledge required

Includes: tasting, water, a wine sheet, a pad and a pen, knowledgeable and professional workshop leader


A reservation is required – at least 3 days in advance.