Visit Slovenia's two greatest wonders: go on an exciting VIP tour of the Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave, where you will meet the world-famous baby dragons (baby olms).

Discover a world unlike any other. Visit the world's most attractive cave and the world's largest cave castle! Take a ride on a one-of-a-kind underground train to explore Postojna Cave and enjoy the Predjama Castle with its dazzling backdrop.

In the cave, you'll get to meet the most mysterious cave creatures – the baby dragons, i.e. the babies of Postojna Cave's most famous inhabitant, the olm, which can live over 100 years, and learn about the legend of Predjama Castle's secret cave exit. In the Postojna Cave Park, you will get the highest quality of services only available to guests of Vila Planinka.

Duration: all-day trip

Complexity: easy

Includes: transportation, a tour of Postojna Cave with a VIP guide, a tour of Predjama Castle, a 4-course menu at Hotel Jama.


A reservation is required – at least 3 days in advance. Due to COVID-19, the activity will take place in accordance with best-practice recommendations.


Price for 2 people, including lunch: €200 per person
Price for 3 people: €160/person
Price for 4 people: €140/person