Did you know that for a single kilo of honey, bees travel the distance that equals seven times the circumference of the Earth? Learn about the interesting life of the Carniolan honey bee, a bee native to Slovenia and one of the most important animals when it comes to the preservation of our planet.

Slovenia boasts a centuries-old beekeeping, mead- and honey-bread-making tradition. Therefore, a visit to an apiary is a must and an experience as authentic as it gets. You will get to taste different types of honey and honey products.

Accompanied by a seasoned beekeeper, you will learn about the Slovenian beekeeping tradition, the world's most hardy bee species – the Carniolan honey bee, see an apiary and a hive, and taste the best of what bees have to offer.

Duration: up to 1 hr 30 mins

Complexity: easy

Includes: transportation, a guided tour of the apiary, a tour of the honey garden, a shot glass of honey brandy, tasting of honey and honey products, a gift: a wax candle


A reservation is required – at least 5 days in advance. We reserve the right to cancel the trip in the event of bad weather. Due to COVID-19, the activity will take place in accordance with best-practice recommendations.


2 people: €40

3–6 people: €15/person