Get away from the daily grind and take on a climbing challenge. Join an experienced mountain guide to climb a via ferrata, a protected climbing route.

The Češka Koča Via Ferrata is the first via ferrata in the Slovenian Alps. It runs between the existing routes and under the cableway wire ropes, thus preserving the authentic character of the Ravenska Kočna valley.

The climbing route protected by means of steel wire ropes is a veritable treat for all adrenaline lovers. Although you'll be heading towards the top accompanied by a seasoned mountain guide/mountain rescuer, a good fitness level is essential.

Duration: half a day or full day

Complexity: very difficult (Češka Koèa - 1542 m, Železna Kaplja - 1228 m)

Includes: equipment rental, an experienced mountain guide, tea or juice and a snack

Remark: Due to COVID-19, the activity will take place in accordance with best-practice recommendations.

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